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Why Claim Back PPI?

  • Average compensation of £1,734*
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  • Get back what is owed to you

Why may I be entitled to compensation?

The sale of Insurance is regulated by the FCA. Rules are in place regarding which insurance products Loan providers should recommend and what information should be provided at the point of sale. Many loan providers or brokers did not follow these procedures and if they cannot prove that they carried out the necessary steps, then there is a good chance that you will be able to reclaim the full cost of the premium plus interest!

What steps should the provider have followed?

Whoever sold the cover should have ensured that the policies that they offered were suitable for you. The agent who sold you the cover should have also followed these steps:

  • Fully explained the process to you and made clear whether they were making a recommendation from a limited panel of insurers or the whole of market.
  • Explained to you that you were NOT obliged to take out the insurance.
  • Should NOT have implied that taking out the insurance would increase your chance of having your application approved.
  • Explained that the cost of the cover was added to the loan and given you the full true cost of the cover, including the interest charges over the term of the loan.
  • Explained that other insurance policies were available including monthly premiums.
  • Asked you a series of questions looking at your individual circumstances and objectives to ensure they could make a suitable recommendation.
  • Asked whether you had any pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Asked whether you had any existing cover in place.
  • Informed you of any exclusions or limitations of the cover.

Even if the provider did follow all of these steps chances are that the PPI cover you took out was miss-sold as the company that sold the cover had a duty of care to ensure the PPI was suitable. The vast majority of these PPI products were NOT suitable.

How can I claim back my PPI Premium NOW?

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It is possible that the representative didn't follow the correct procedures, so you could have a PPI claim worth £1000's to YOU!

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Source: Key Financial Claims Limited, our chosen claims processing company.